What Is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a holistic, natural technique to induce a relaxed state of heightened focus and suggestibility.

During this relaxed, calm state of mind, I am able to give suggestions directly to the subconscious mind, using positive, simple statements to not only grow and strengthen the new ideas and behaviors but to make all of the desired changes you want permanent. This changes how your mind responds to circumstances in your environment such as emotions, triggers, and temptations.

What can you expect from hypnosis?

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SUCCESS! Hypnosis not only gives the tools to maintain your changes but gives the means to make any other changes you may desire.

Multiple sessions are generally needed, and you have the choice of meeting virtually or in person at my office in Shippensburg, PA. So, let’s decide together if hypnosis is for you. We will arrive at that decision by discussing your goals, expectations, and what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Pricing will be discussed during our consultation call.

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My Role as a Hypnotist

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I am here to work directly with you to lay the foundation for applying new ideas, thoughts and actions to eventually make all the new ideas become permanent changes in your life!